Survey – A Life of Books

A Life of Books – Our Relationship With Books

Thank you for taking time to consider my survey. Some background:

I am the manager of George Street Community Bookshop in Glossop, Derbyshire, and a singer-songwriter.

I am undertaking a project, supported using public funding by Arts Council England, to write songs that explore our relationships with books. I am taking the opportunity to act as a propagandist for books and bookshops, hence the wonderful painting above by Paul Gent. ‘All Power to the Bookshops!’

Books are a passion of mine and through the shop I’ve found hundreds of people in the community just as passionate. Books hold memories, comfort, fun, education, hopes and dreams and all manner of emotional and intellectual responses. I am hoping that I can dig deep into these responses to write meaningful songs and you can help by completing this survey. Survey’s won’t tell me everything of course but I hope to gain some understanding of why we love books so much, so your support will help greatly. If there’s anything else you’d add that you aren’t asked about please feel free to do so, I’d love to hear from you.

Steve Roberts

All personal and contact information is for use in this project only and will not be shared elsewhere. It is possible that I might use your response in the project (a quote or in a lyric) and if so, I will credit you accordingly. Unless you state otherwise, I will presume you are okay with this.