16 Tambourines New Recording

Just as it looked like I hadn’t done anything for months, along comes news of another recording and it’s also about England but this is the first one I wrote, 30 years ago, with England in the title – indeed, as it’s title.

16 Tambourines had been hoping to play some gigs and do some recording after our reunion show a year ago, but alas, bands plan, God laughs, and the world is in turmoil. We’ve done a bit of remote recording of some new songs but they aren’t anywhere near finished yet, so we thought we’d have a bash at an old one. So I get together via the wonder of the world wide web, with Dave and Tony and we recorded and videoed ourselves playing England and I threw the result together in iMovie et voila. I think it sounds great and if Dave is avoiding the camera and I’m hiding behind my mic, well, it might be for the best!

Here’s the video, the lyrics updated slightly and I hope you enjoy it.