The Legend of England

A couple of years ago I thought it might be interesting to record an album of songs themed around England and Englishness and I set to writing, researching and staring into the distance. After I had 5 or 6 songs I realised, unhappily, that I wasn’t enjoying it; the disconnect between me and the country I was born in had become too great. So instead I offer 2 songs from the now abandoned concept album about England. I mean there’s more than enough Englishness running about unchecked as it is. 

I wrote a song called The Queen of England, a love song, in order to rid myself of negativity. It’s one of the two songs released today via Bandcamp (and later the other places) and it’s simple, quiet and heartfelt. The Legend of England is the lead song, I suppose. It too is simple and quiet but baffled by the accepted manipulation of history. There’s an accompanying video for this song starring a Wererabbit. (Edit. Now embedded below)

I wrote some songs and it wasn’t enough.

Thanks to Craig Edmondson who played on, recorded and mixed the music and Rae Leeson who hunted down and shot (camera style) the Wererabbit.