We Will Go Dancing Again

A ‘lockdown’ song. I read a tweet where someone wrote, almost sighed, ‘will we ever go dancing again?’ That set me off and I wrote this, changed the key and recorded it as is. I’m pondering doing a fuller version as, simple though it is, I quite like it.

I haven’t been writing other than this one. I’ve done a lot of painting and I’ve been busy finishing recordings for my Life of Books project. I’m almost there with the project and I need to do some sort of online event to finish it off. I’m delighted with the songs I’ve written for it and love the work done by Craig Edmondson who’s been doing the heavy production lifting and now feel it’s ready to enter the strange new reality we are living through. Another couple of weeks and I’ll be looking to ween it.

Over on Facebook I’ve done the occasional song – covers – and I’ll share one or two on here soon. If you use Facey, feel free to friend me and have a gander.

I hope you enjoy the song but mostly I hope you and yours are safe and healthy. We WILL go dancing again.