The end of the Cold War

‘I feel it in my bones, I’m kicking at the stone, and the wall comes tumbling down…’

It’s almost 30 years since the ‘fall’ of the Berlin Wall, a hugely momentous event in recent history, the ramifications of which are with us today. The end of history it was not. The show I wrote inspired by those days and based on Cold War literature was commended for excellence in writing at 2016’s Buxton Fringe Festival and I’ve performed it a few times since. I’d love to perform it again, so would any venues, libraries, schools, festivals etc be interested in booking it? House concerts would be very suitable. Please get in touch if so, it’s quite a simple show but it has songs, Surveillance, spies and stories, all a Cold War needs! Please share if you think it might reach interested parties. Ta!

Spotify playlist of the show’s songs: