Fings ain’t wot they used to be

I’m playing a gig in Liverpool next month. Saturday 2nd March 2019. Nothing surprising there of course, but for me this gig is a bit like going back in time. I’m playing at Parr Street Studio 2 a venue I’ve never played but a place I know well through recording a lot of songs in it’s wonderful studios years ago. That’s not why it’s like going back in time though, the bill of the show is. Opening it is John McGlone whose old band Western Promise were a righteous punk ska noise from the 80s until a couple of years ago and closing it are Candy Opera. I’m sandwiched in between.

Candy Opera were proper contemporaries of mine and my old band 16 Tambourines. We shared band members, stages and drunken nights out. We were and are good friends. Candy Opera split up around the same time as 16 Tambourines, seemingly destined to be forgotten by all but us hardcore fans. Then, they were rediscovered by Germany’s Firestation Records who released their ‘debut’ album almost 30years after they last recorded. The album has sold well and received deservedly brilliant reviews, coz it’s great.

So, in keeping with the occasion I’ve been rehearsing blasts from my own past. Some of these songs I haven’t played live in nearly 30 years and some of the chords… well. I think I can play them, do come along and find out, maybe nostalgia is what it used be.

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