Win A Bookshop!

Competition is now closed and song not available to download. Thanks everone.

Okay a share in one but what a prize!

I wrote this song to accompany a promotional video for George Street Community bookshop, a Community Benefit Society that is undertaking a Community Share Issue.

Now you have the chance to win a share by buying a download of the song from my Bandcamp site. Minimum payment for the song is £1 but you’re welcome to pay as much as you want. On the eve of the closing of the share issue all of you who buy a download will be entered in to the prize draw and I’ll notify the winner within a day or two. Currently the share offer is open to 7th December but is likely to be extended for a week. Therefore I’ll let you know the outcome by 18th December. The song will then be removed from Bandcamp sale for at least 3 months.

You can name someone other than yourself as the recipient if you wish to offer the prize as a Christmas present. Providing of course that you win! If you want you can always buy shares in the shop and support the project regardless of this competition.

The idea is to raise money to rescue, revive and ensure the survival of the second hand bookshop. Shares cost from £50 and can be owned by anybody. It is an equitable share issue so regardless of whether someone owns shares worth £50 or £5000, it is one member one vote on the running of the shop.

For more information on the share issue, supporting documentation etc is available from

My decision on the winner is final but I promise no shenanigans.


When you read a book you’re going to find
pages of stories of every kind
when you read a book, you’ll fall in love
With one then another and isn’t it goodChorus
You”ll read a book and I will too
You share it with me and I’ll share it with you

When you read a book you step back in time
Or visit the future all in your mind
And when you read a book a novel idea
Takes root in your brain cells, it just appears

When you read a book it can set off your dreams
Inside a book the world is not as it might seem to be.

I’ll read a book, you’ll read a book

Let’s read a book turn off the phone
With thousands of words you are never alone
Let’s read a book you know it makes sense
So pick up a book and have fun with some friends

I’ll love it forever and I’m sure so will you.


released November 29, 2018
written and played by Steve Roberts 2018