Easily Read

The thing I like doing more than anything is reading, I can waste, if that’s the word, days with my head in a book. I wrote a song about authors and writing, the
real life and the imagined one. The song can be listened to below after the lyrics and I love the bass clarinet in it. A guy named Dave Roberts (no relation) who lived in Chester came along and played it. I’m not sure how we got him, a friend of a friend, he was great.

I’d demo’d this song at home but it was re-recorded at Hype studios and I used Martyn Campbellmob’s big Gretch acoustic guitar on it. Lovely big sound, fat neck but very playable.

Somebody asked me if Will is Shakespeare but it’s not him.

If Auberon was quite lazy

Martin was up with the lark

One was a sponge one one was a shadow

How do we tell who is what?

Will’ loved his mum completely

But it made him scared of his art

Writing down words can sometimes be easy

But sometimes it shows who you are.

You are easily read your heart is an index

You write whatever’s been said and you know how it sounds best.

Sentences can be a ruling

A verdict passed on to the crowd

Commas like comas you sleep for a while

A full stop’s the end of the line

A full stop can last for all time.

So write me apart where I’m famous

Let me stand out from the crowd

Give me a voice that is wise and sublime

Give me a mother who’s proud

And a father who dresses too loud.

You do what you do.