Cold War Child

When I was recording my Cold War EPs (see here) I wrote a lot of songs, many I never finished, considered not good enough or thought inappropriate in some way. I was going through the CW hard drive and found them and on listening back one or two aren’t bad. This one is ok I think.

The Cold War seems to me now to have been a continuation of the 2nd World War and our parents and grand parents must have been knackered having to deal with a constant hum of war and threats of war. A lot of messed up people were stalking the earth. Us kids just got on with things as far as I remember but I can also recall dark nights of fear, my infant brain scared out of its wits, as I lay in bed convinced the bomb was going to be dropped any time soon. I used to plan hiding spaces but as a family I don’t think we practised the Protect and Survive instructions for turning the airing cupboard in to a bomb shelter.

So here’s a song about growing up a cold war child. I admire songwriters who can invest their stuff with humour and wit, I alas seem not to have the gift so it’s quite bleak. I think it’s a bit too personal to have found a place on the EPs but I hope some of you like it.