New Website

I’ve been intending to change web server for quite a while now, but it’s a bit of a slog to do so. When my site went down with a 503 error notice it became time for me to do so.

I’m hosting this one at WordPress itself as i like using the software and understand it and I’m hoping it will prove stable Strong and stable ha ha! Time will of course tell.

I’m at a crossroads in many areas of my life (cue violins) but I’m hoping to reengage with the dwindling but lovely band of people who enjoy my music and I intend to make more music too. I’m looking at ways to make my experience of playing, recording, writing and all the rest of it more satisfying both for you and me. I’m not by nature or psychology great at the travelling circus part of the business of show but hope I can make myself step out more often than I do and hope too it will be good for any audience I have. I am determined to do more with my website that is for certain and have plans in my head for making this corner of cyberspace at least worth a visit.

After all, we live in interesting times.

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